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Awaken Spiritual Store first opened its doors to the Collingwood Community in June of 2018. Penny, the owner, believes in healing the healer. In her experience, customers bring as much to her as the store gives to them. It’s an energetic exchange. Often, customers are looking for permission to “simply be”.

Penny is someone who gives you permission to be your authentic self so you can learn, heal, grow and shine. As we do this, we connect to our higher selves. When we connect, we ultimately align with the Divine. As Penny will teach us, perfection lies in the divine, setting us up to live our best lives.

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Awaken Spiritual Store is all about community. It’s a place where people feel safe to be who they are, to grow spiritually, and to embrace the collective energy of Awakening.

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Who We Are



Healing With Judy

Psychic Tarot Reading with Judy
(60 or 30 MINUTES)

Albert Crimi

Albert Crimi

Quantum Journeying with Albert

Quantum Journeying is achieved by entering into a profound state of relaxation, also known as the hypnotic state. Albert will safely guide you along the way so that you may discover the source of your physical or emotional blockages. You will journey into a parallel incarnation specific to your life path to receive the answers to all your life questions.

Sessions are approximately 5 hours (audio recording included)
Please call to book (705) 293-8811

Ryan Shanahan

Ryan Shanahan

Fascial Maneuvers with Ryan

Our mind is powerful, but it can’t heal and strengthen us entirely by itself. To truly heal from trauma and find personal power, it’s essential that you stimulate Energy Flow within your body.
Stress and trauma become trapped in our organs and fascia. Fascial Maneuvers can access your body’s stored trauma energy and allow you to release these unexpressed emotions.

Experience mental, emotional, and physical transformations.

Please call to book (705) 293-8811


Contact Us

207 Hurontario St Unit 2, Collingwood, ON L9Y 2M1

(705) 293-8811


Contact Us

Make Awaken Spiritual Store your next destination in Collingwood, ON.

Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 11am-4pm


How To Find Us:

If you are coming NORTH from First St, continue heading South on Hurontario St. and pass the intersection at Third St. Continue until you see "Tracy's Nails" on the left of Hurontario St. and stop. You will see a laneway and our "Awaken" sign where we will be waiting for your arrival!


If you are coming from the SOUTH end, continue heading North on Hurontario St. and pass the intersection at Fourth St. Continue until you see "Tracy's Nails" on the right side of Hurontario and stop. You will see a laneway and our "Awaken" sign where we will be waiting for your arrival!

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